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Blueprinting Okuma Makaira - MK-20II, MK-20IISEa, MK-30II, MK-30IISEa, MK-50II, MK-50SEa

Blueprinting Okuma Malaira and Easy Shift for these reels

Modified  Avet Raptor line


This one has really been talked about by manufacturers & fishermen! We make lower speed gears for the big fish or if you are having a hard time turning the handle. We put them in the following reels …

PENN 12VSX (1.85-to-1)                                                   PENN 50’s (1-to-1)

PENN 16VS, 16VSX (1.3-to-1)                                         PENN 70’s (1.18-to-1)

PENN 20’s, 30”s (1.2-to-1)                                               PENN 80’s (1-to-1)

PENN 30S, 30SW (1.5-to-1)                                             PENN 130’s (available on request only)

= = = = =

ACCURATE ATD  6, 12 (4-1 & 1.7 TO 1)

ACCURATE ATD 30 (1.3 TO 1)

ACCURATE 50, 50W (1 TO1)

= = = = =

AVET  EX 30/2, EXW 30/2 (1.5 TO 1)

AVET EX 50/2, EX 50W 50/2 (1 TO 1)

= = = = =

SHIMANO Tiagra  20, 30, 30W (1.2-to-1)                                   SHIMANO Talica 12, 16 (2.4-to-1)

SHIMANO Tiagra 50, 50W, 80W (1-to-1)                                   SHIMANO Talica 20, 25 (1.6-to-1)               

SHIMANO Tiagra 130 (available on request only)                  SHIMANO Talica 50 (1.2-to-1)


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


We also make higher speed gears for using while jig fishing or if you need to retrieve a larger amount of line in a hurry !!                                           

PENN 12H, 12T, 12LT (5-to-1)                                              SHIMANO Tiagra 50, 50W (3.8-to-1)

PENN 20’s, 30’s (4.1-to-1)                                                     SHIMANO Tiagra 80W (3.1-to-1) or (3.8-to 1)

PENN 50’s, 50W’s (4-to-1)                                                    SHIMANO Tiagra 130 (2.5-to-1)       

PENN 50VSX, 50VSW (3.7-to-1)


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


 In recent year’s fisherman have been looking to gain even more advantage while fishing. In turn they have been putting longer handles on their reels to gain even more power. Also, fishermen have been experimenting with different handle knobs on their reel. We can also put a longer handle on your reel depending on which one you currently have and/or we can just change your ‘handle knob’ to one that feels more comfortable to your preference. We have done this to numerous manufacturers reels. So if your favorite reel can use a longer handle or just a different knob, you can check with us and we’ll see what we can do for you to make that reel even better.



= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


 In doing this process, We custom build your reel so it has 1-2 pounds of drag when you put your reel just into gear. Then we build your reel for the specific amount of drag at strike that you asked for. Finally, we then build your reel so it gets at least 50% more drag when you slide the drag lever all the way to the full position.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


This is the ultimate way to get the best free spool available. It’s for the fly line fishing smaller baits. This process also has the Blueprint plus built right into it. It’s only available for Penn International 50S, 50SW and all Penn 80’s.



IS your Spectra line tight on your reel?

IS there corrosion on your spool or in your Spectra….

Cal’s now offers spectra removal & cleaning for your reels. We will remove your Spectra, wash your spectra in warm water and completely dry it, inspect the Spectra and clean your spool. We then apply Carnauba wax to your spool, and we will re-spool the line back onto your reel. The cost to do this is a $60 min and/or $10/per 100yds.

Additional Spectra is available for purchase also…

“Our Spectra prices” include removal of existing line, inspecting and cleaning your spool. We will also apply Carnauba wax to your spool, and install the new Spectra onto your reel….

Hollow 40lb.               $39.90 per/100yds.                          Hollow 100lb.                         $32.88 per/100yds

Hollow 60lb.               $29.90 per/100yds.                          Hollow 130lb.                        $23.75 per/100yds.

Hollow 80lb.               $35.60 per/100yds.                          Hollow 200lb.                        $33.48 per/100yds.

Splices are $15.00 each …



We do offer regular service on reels, but first time through our shop reel “must” be Blueprinted by us. Also Blueprinting / service does not include cost of replacement drag washer unless specified by us. Reel blueprinting and servicing does not include the cost of replacement parts such as bad bearings or broken parts.

Services performed by Cal's does not include any extra parts.... example: casting bearings, sleeve's or drag washers. If you need these to meet "your" specifications there will an additional charge for those parts.