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Reel Customization by Cal's 2-Speed

... for the fish of your lifetime!   Be Ready



Convert your 12H, 12T or 12LT into a reel that can easily fish up to 80lb. It has a inch larger drag, than existing 12s
Cost is $160 or $200 (w/ Double dog) This includes all machining, drag material, servicing of your reel.

Here are the ways guys usually set their reels up!!!

40-60lb (Min. of 16 lbs. of drag available @ strike)

50-60lb (Min. of 18 lbs. of drag available @ strike)

60-80lb (Min. of 20 lbs. of drag available @ strike)

80lb      (Min. of 22 lbs. of drag available @ strike)

Services performed by Cal's does not include any extra parts....
example: casting bearings, sleeve's or drag washers.
If you need these to meet "your" specifications there will an additional charge for those parts.


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