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Long Beach Show

March, 1997


Corky Yokoe

376.6 Lbs. Yellowfin Tuna IGFA All-Tackle World Record using Penn 50W, Cal's 2-Speed with Blueprinting

Clarion Island, Mexico January 5, 1997



Pam & Irby Basco

in Kona, Hawaii

IGFA Woman's World Record 203.5 lb Yellowfin Tuna, Penn 20 2-speed & Blueprint for 20 lb test line by Cal's


Peter Haynes

223.4 Lbs. Yellowfin Tuna on 50W with Cal's 2-speed and Blueprinting




Cal and Justin

292 Lbs Yellowfin Tuna,

using Penn 50W 2-Speed & Blueprint for 100 lb Test Line by Cal's

April, 1993


David Campbell

652 Lbs. Black Marlin using Penn 80 with Cal's 2-speed and Blueprinting for 100#

IMAGE2.jpg (25200 bytes) Farbia Zand 
Pacific Halibut, 222lbs, 16lb line class ladies IGFA world record on a 12T 2-Speed Conversion.

David Gong

86 Lbs. Yellow Tail with Cal's 2-speed and Blueprinting 

White Island, New Zealand

February, 1989


IMAGE4.jpg (24704 bytes)

Justin Sheets

55 lb. Bluefin Tuna: Int. 12H 2-speeded & Blueprinted for 30 lb.

Scooter Silverman 
Pro Staff

309 lb. Yellowfin tuna


IMAGE3.jpg (22544 bytes) Nancy Sheets

121lbs on 30lb line on a Penn 16S Blueprint/bearing/sleeve.

Bruce Posthumus

Pro Staff

278 lb. Yellowfin tuna


IMAGE8.jpg (22148 bytes)
IMAGE5.jpg (22352 bytes) Cal Sheets

190lb.  &  209 lb. Yellowfin Tuna: Penn 15 KG and 60 lb. line

IMAGE7.jpg (28408 bytes) IMAGE1.jpg (65715 bytes)
Rollo Heyn


Jim Dickson


Ray Lemme
"The Reel Man"


  Cal's 2-Speed Thank's You.



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