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 Cal's 2-Speed Reel Conversions can convert all Penn Internationals reels from the 6 to 50's; Cal's 2-speed gear configurations are very similar to Penn's 2-speed. There are a few minor modifications to facilitate our own in-house manufacturing. We manufacture all our parts except for a few that we buy directly from Penn. Each reel is custom built for proper gear contact and shift spacing. All gears are machined out of one piece heat treated stainless steel. There are no pressed on gears, pressed in pins nor small screws in Cal's Conversions. The existing reels are widened approximately 5/16" on the 6 through 50W's;  to accommodate the extra set of gears. The 12T and 12LT only, are widened with an all-new-one-piece right side plate, which included a strike button. All other models are widened with a spacer between the right side plate and the tube frame or spreader bars.

 Our custom building of a reel. The actual procedure varies with each reel since no 2 reels are exactly the same. The reel is built for 25 to 30% of the breaking strength of the line at strike. The size of line to be used or drag tension at strike must be specified at the time of order. The drag material in Penn Internationals are Dura Drag.
  • We are able to build Penn 12T & 12LT to fish as light as 4 lb to as high as 50 lb test line. Any 12T or 12LT built for heavier than 50lb. test line will need to be converted into a Super 12
  • All Penn 20's and 30's can be blueprinted to fish from 12 lb to 100 lb test line.
  • All Penn 50's can be blueprinted to fish from 30 lb to 130 lb test line.
  • All Penn 80's can be blueprinted to fish from 50 lb to 200 lb test line.
  • All Penn 130's can be blueprinted to fish from 80 lb to 300 lb test line.
  • Blueprint Plus is building your reel with a specified amount of drag at strike and approx. 50% more drag at full.

Service And Maintenance

 Service is available on all reels that have previously been Blueprinted by Cal's 2-Speed Reel conversions. Service charges are generally about half the price of the blueprint price.

Services performed by Cal's does not include any extra parts.... example: casting bearings, sleeve's or drag washers. If you need these to meet "your" specifications there will an additional charge for those parts.

   Pam Basco IGFA Woman's World Record 203.5 lb Yellowfin Tuna, Penn 20 2Speed & Blueprint for 20 lb test Line by Cal's.

 Special lube plated, high precision, high performance free spool bearings, very useful with live bait fishing. They will increase spool rotations generally 2 to 3 times longer than stock bearings.
We also have available a sleeve option for these bearing kits. This sleeve will increase the spool rotation over and above the bearing kit by another 50%. It must be installed by us.

 Replaces the stamped brass base on old non-tube frame Internationals. It's machined out of aluminum then gold anodized, and uses Penn stainless steel stand. (only available for Penn 80 and 80W)

 Convert Penn Internationals, Shimano Tiagra and Shimano TLD Two-Speed reels from right handed to left handed. The strike/drag lever after being left handed will pull toward you instead of from you as on a right handed reel.

 We do not actually remove the timing. We only remove the necessity of the use of timing in the reel, on Penn 80S and 80SW only. The process involves changing the shift bushing and the high-speed and low-speed drive assembly.

 One year warranty on all conversions under normal fishing use

 Via. UPS ground and insured.